December 2009: Prophesying the Homegrown Soulful Solution Revival – Part 1 –

One year after the Barack Obama Block Party, the Tara Lake Show returns to tackle some of the year’s biggest topics and chat with young innovators who stepped up to make change in 2009. We discuss a number of topics, including the building of Black Family Genealogies, The Obama Presidency, new ways to support Historically Black Colleges and Universities, The Fire & Ink Cotillion, ensuring diversity in Bone Marrow donor banks, and the controversial issues surrounding H1N1 Swine Flu.

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And of course, we take it to the streets, as folks sound off on the Health Care Debate, President Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize, and the ongoing Tiger Woods drama.


Samara Rivers – Visual Arts Coordinator,  Owner of 29 & Holding Events Services, and culture blogger. View images of Samara’s Great-Grandfather and Great-Great Grandmother in Extras.
Chike Ogbunugafor – MD Student, Yale University and lead author of “Predicting Virus Evolution: The Relationship between Genetic Robustness and Evolvability of Thermotolerance” (Hardcover edition available in Spring 2010).


FAMU (Florida A&M University) Young Alumni Movement – featuring Joey Digital, Social Media Consultant and Founder of DigitalGuestList. More on the Young Alumni Movement here.

Fire & Ink Cotillion & Does Your Mama Know: An Anthology of Black Lesbian Coming Out Stories (2nd Edition) – featuring Lisa C. Moore – Editor & Publisher of Redbone Press & Board President of Fire & Ink along with anthology contributor Alexis Pauline Gumbsblack feminist scholar/media activist and PhD Student, Duke University. More on the book.

Additional Show Links:

Samara’s Family Photographs – see images of Samara’s Great-Grandfather and Great-Great Grandmother here.

Natasha Collins, Bone Marrow Registries and Community Projects

Want to Get Involved? These Links are a great place to start.

Natasha’s Place
The National Marrow Donor Program
View a video created for by friends, family, and classmates for the Match Natasha project.



12 2009

December 2009: Prophesying the Homegrown Soulful Solution Revival – Part 2 —

In Part Two of the December 2009 edition of the Tara Lake Show, we continue the conversation with Chike Ogbunugafor, touching on everything from H1N1 Swine Flu to virus evolution to President Barack Obama. Later, Tara Lake shares her commentary and remembers the great Eartha Kitt. More on Eartha Kitt: The New York Times Obituary and her official website.



12 2009

The Barack Obama Block Party

Original Post Date: December 2008

The debut edition of the Tara Lake Podcast: The Barack Obama Block Party in celebration of the election of President-elect Barack Obama. I invited a few friends to dissect this historical moment and share some barbeque and grape soda. We discussed the Obama effect, Youth & Hip-hop; Media; Comedy & Performance; and Race in America.

Guests (pictured below):

MK Asante, Jr. – Professor, Author, Filmmaker; Carucha Meuse – Photojournalist & Visual Artist; Daheli Hall – Comedian & Actor; Kai Wright – Journalist, Author, Editor; and Caroline Streeter, Ph.D. – UCLA Professor.

MKAsanteRueMeuseDaheliHallKaiWrightCaroline Streeter



08 2009

The Barack Obama Block Party (Part 2)

The wrap-up of my interview with Dr. Caroline Streeter of UCLA. The second half also features a n646038716_1086288_9569roundtable discussion on the meaning and cultural impact of (then) President-elect Obama’s win. Joining me are Bahby Banks, a Health Behavior doctoral student the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and Tyi-Sanna Jones, Ph.D., professor of Education at Peace College in Raleigh.

(Originally Published: December 2008)



08 2009