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The Barack Obama Block Party

Original Post Date: December 2008

The debut edition of the Tara Lake Podcast: The Barack Obama Block Party in celebration of the election of President-elect Barack Obama. I invited a few friends to dissect this historical moment and share some barbeque and grape soda. We discussed the Obama effect, Youth & Hip-hop; Media; Comedy & Performance; and Race in America.

Guests (pictured below):

MK Asante, Jr. – Professor, Author, Filmmaker; Carucha Meuse – Photojournalist & Visual Artist; Daheli Hall – Comedian & Actor; Kai Wright – Journalist, Author, Editor; and Caroline Streeter, Ph.D. – UCLA Professor.

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08 2009

The Barack Obama Block Party (Part 2)

The wrap-up of my interview with Dr. Caroline Streeter of UCLA. The second half also features a n646038716_1086288_9569roundtable discussion on the meaning and cultural impact of (then) President-elect Obama’s win. Joining me are Bahby Banks, a Health Behavior doctoral student the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and Tyi-Sanna Jones, Ph.D., professor of Education at Peace College in Raleigh.

(Originally Published: December 2008)



08 2009